Imagine yourself in an empty white room with no windows and doors, describe 3 emotions you feel. (Select the text below to see what your answer means.)

Empty White Room was used by Carl Jung to represent death. To me, it represents infinite variables, a blank slate, possibilities. All the things that are also true about life.

One day at the age of 24, I came to this realization: stop fighting the variables. There is a lot of relief and liberation in saying “I don’t know” with no guilt and nothing to prove. The sooner we embrace the variables, the easier it is to live.

So this is my experiment. With this blog, I’m putting even more variables out there. Wait for the universe to respond. I have nothing else on anyway.

Along with the intermittent travelling, this is the sex. Meanwhile, my cash is dreaming up mobile app solutions in a Singaporean startup.

Embracing variables since May 5, 2012.

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