What backpacking can teach you about user research

  A few months ago, I came across this article which is really an excerpt from Jan Chipchase’s book Hidden in Plain Sight.   He tells us by far the most fruitful way of conducting user research is extreme immersion. It is like backpacking, except you’re working. Instead of checking your research team into a […]

The Randomness of Success

I believe in hard work, but up to the point you’ve put in the maximum you have, I also believe in not being hard on yourself and others. And for the times I forget that, I think it’s merely the randomness of the winning and losing process that I want to stress, because the emphasis […]

What ‘standing your ground’ is

Standing your ground is fighting for what you believe. It is conviction, and the courage to follow through. It is not settling. It is improving, even though being good does not bring success. Standing your ground is cutting the bullshit, doing right by you and having a conscience. It’s. A lost cause but knowing you […]

The Life of Pi

Before reading any Life of Pi deconstructions, I’m just going to try to organize the story’s meaning to me. First of all, I think the point is not to question which story is the one that really happened. The question was asked explicitly to throw the audience off. And then, to me, the story is […]

Beijing 2012

Before routine sets in and erases the trail of emotions this Beijing 2012 adventure brought me, I thought I’d note this down, starting from the end. Just the morning before, I stood in line to board the plane home, sneaking those last few WeChat texts before I lost the wifi signal. The warmth from these […]