42 Days of UI – Day 3

Left: Original; Right: Replica Months ago, I came across WTHR on some UI sharing community and paid for it immediately just because it is so pretty. Elegant and subtle with whimsical animations – the ‘scale’ swings behind the coral red needle like an actual old-school weighing scale. For a few days, I loaded the app […]

What ‘standing your ground’ is

Standing your ground is fighting for what you believe. It is conviction, and the courage to follow through. It is not settling. It is improving, even though being good does not bring success. Standing your ground is cutting the bullshit, doing right by you and having a conscience. It’s. A lost cause but knowing you […]

The Life of Pi

Before reading any Life of Pi deconstructions, I’m just going to try to organize the story’s meaning to me. First of all, I think the point is not to question which story is the one that really happened. The question was asked explicitly to throw the audience off. And then, to me, the story is […]

Sigur Ros, Fort Canning Singapore 2012

A complete otherworldly experience. The psychedelic lights, the whimsical moving screen and the ethereal sounds. And the most defining moment of the night – rain at the encore, that stopped when the music stopped. Even the skies conspired. The kind of sublime reaction Sigur Ros inspired: An intimate moment of post-Sigur Ros bliss (that i […]