I found this charming old man resting on a tomb in one of Singapore’s few remaining cemeteries. (Most Singaporeans are cremated because in a country where living people are already walking over one another, you don’t get horizontal space when you stop breathing.) He’s the oldest in a group of tombkeepers who continue this forgotten, almost thankless profession of keeping people’s final resting place decent and respectable.

He’s done this since he was 12 and in his 80s, this old man puts most of us to shame. 5 out of 12 months, he cycles to work from Braddell – a good 45 minute ride now that age is catching up. Off season, he collects cardboards to sell for recycling. Thankfully, he does it only to keep boredom at bay.

He’s such a sweet old man to entertain my troublesome photo requests.

“What’s so nice about photographing this old face?” he asks.


“I used to be a real hunk when I was younger” he says. I believe you.

Other things I saw at Bukit Brown:
The grand entrance.

An impossibly stuffed van.

And this patch of grass wants his paper back.

Photos taken with Canon 550D, 50mm f1.8, and the dizzy ones, Lensbaby Spark with super wide angle adaptor.

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