42 Days of UI – Day 3


Left: Original; Right: Replica

Months ago, I came across WTHR on some UI sharing community and paid for it immediately just because it is so pretty. Elegant and subtle with whimsical animations – the ‘scale’ swings behind the coral red needle like an actual old-school weighing scale. For a few days, I loaded the app just to see it swing.

Shadows and glows are used a lot in this design for a mock real look. I spent the most time making the fan-shaped scale and perfecting the icons (because they are ‘outline’ and I needed to get the correct thickness). Didn’t manage to get the exact colour – I didn’t eyedrop it. I think he was actually going for an old, yellowish effect but all very subtle. Don’t know what font he used so I did a mix of Futura (in the forecast bar) and Frutiger Light (“Rainy and 29˚”). Ya, sunny is not working for Singapore right now. It’s been pouring all day.

The Fahrenheit and Celcius toggle was quick. It was a very fuss free switch compared to the attention to detail paid to the rest of the app.


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