42 Days of UI – Day 2

This is probably the prettiest airport app I’ve seen. It’s not popular convention to make your landing page navigation only, because you want your users to be able to dive in to the core of your app. Despite, this app broke the rule and made it cool. The navigation is simple but interesting and the UI has some fine finishing touches, if you look closely. The original:


The replica:


I couldn’t replicate some details in the icon, like how the sharp point of the back caret flattens gracefully. Also, I’m not sure what the first tab icon represents and didn’t want to make an icon that I won’t reuse later (read: lazy) so I made a more generic one.

There are a few permutations to doing the tabs on the flight card. The OCD in me chose to make it whole card by card (the white portion: content area and tab to form an inverted ‘L’) but I think you can just make rectangular tabs only. The dividers are likely just pencil lines.

An additional note on the plane icon. I made it using shapes and adjusting the individual points rather than pen trace the original. It turned out surprisingly accurate in proportion.


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